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Renters Insurance in North Carolina

Renting a home or apartment in North Carolina is an excellent option for many of our clients who are just getting their careers started and not looking to commit to a particular area. Renting a property also reduces the responsibility that comes with the maintenance of the dwelling, making this an attractive option. With a renters' insurance policy from Allen Insurance Agency, our clients who are renting have a level of financial protection for their personal belongings should tragedy of any caliber strike and cause damage to your property.

Personal Property Coverage

Should the home or apartment you are renting become damaged due to weather, fire, or theft, the homeowner policy covering the rented property will only include the structure and any appliances owned by the landlord. Your personal property, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and purchased appliances are your responsibility that can be covered with a renters' insurance policy. Without a renters' insurance policy, you will be forced to replace these items at your own expense while maintaining your other monthly obligations.

Temporary Relocation

If the damage to your rented property is significant enough where you are required to leave, then you will be forced to cover the costs of temporary relocation. With renters' insurance, any expenses related to the relocation of yourself, and property can be included with your policy. Without coverage, you will be responsible for covering these costs while maintaining your monthly obligation to the rented property.

Don't Wait Another Day

If you are living in North Carolina and are renting, take control, and get the security you need for your personal belongings. You have worked hard for these items and should be able to protect your lifestyle in the event of a tragedy that forces your hand financially. Give our agents at Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC a call today for more information and get a policy just for you.


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