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Required Commercial Insurance in North Carolina

When you are a business owner in North Carolina, you have to have certain types of commercial insurance by law. In The state, there are two types of commercial insurance that are mandated for certain businesses. If you need commercial insurance policies for your business, call us today at Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC to find out more. 


Required Commercial Insurance in North Carolina

Workers’ Compensation

If your North Carolina business has three or more employees, you must have this insurance for them. Even if the employees are part-time, this insurance is required. It will pay for the medical bills for injured employees or get certain illnesses while at work. If the worker is severely injured, it will pay for their disability. It may also pay for lost wages if necessary. With this insurance in place, you have protection against your liability. Medical bills can be expensive, and this insurance ensures that they can be paid. It also means that lawsuits against your company are far less likely. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

In North Carolina, any business-owned vehicle has to have a commercial auto insurance policy. These policies pay for the medical bills of people injured by your company’s vehicle. There are different types of coverage that are included in this policy. There is an amount of coverage required for when one person becomes injured by your vehicle. A different amount is required for all of the injuries that stem from an accident with your vehicle. There is also an amount of coverage required for any property damage done by the vehicle. All of these amounts are relatively low compared to the coverage required by other states, so you might want to get more than is required. 

Get Commercial Insurance

Besides these required commercial insurance types, there are others that might be helpful for your business. Call us at Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC to talk to an agent.


Stay Protected With Home Insurance

When you are a homeowner, you must always have home insurance. It provides many different forms of protection, and mortgage lenders generally require it. If you own a home and don’t have it protected with home insurance, call us now at Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC to get started. 

Your House

Home insurance is best known for the protection it provides for your house. The house itself represents most people’s largest investment, and it’s necessary to keep it safe for your financial future. The policy will spell out a number of specific incidents, such as particular disasters, that are covered under it. Then, if one of those covered incidents happens, the damage done to your house will be paid for by the policy, minus your deductible. The cost of repairs can be extremely high. It may even be required that the whole house get rebuilt after a serious incident. 

Your Belongings

Another necessary type of protection with home insurance is protection for your belongings inside your house. If a covered incident happens and destroys your things, the policy can help you replace the lost items. Without this protection, someone could go bankrupt trying to replace what was lost. 

Liability Protection

Another financial danger you have as a homeowner is your liability for accidents. A person at your house who has an accident can run up many medical bills. And, you’d likely be liable for paying them. With liability protection in your home policy, it will pay for those pricey medical bills. 

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There’s no time to waste if you need a home insurance policy. Call us today at Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC to learn more about this essential coverage. 



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