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How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy?

Most homeowners make the mistake of failing to evaluate their home insurance coverage on a regular basis and assuming that they are adequately insured in perpetuity. They are frequently surprised when a risk covered by their home insurance occurs, and they are not adequately paid. As a Ramseur, NC homeowner, you may avoid such surprises by examining your home insurance coverage on a regular basis.

Allen Insurance Agency recommends that you make it a habit to review your house insurance coverage during these times.

Before Renewing It

Most home insurance policies provide coverage for a year; but if you continue to pay your premiums, the insurance provider will automatically renew it. Before renewing your house insurance coverage, you should always take the time to review it. Check for any modifications to the terms of the house insurance that the insurer may have made, and increase the deductible to reflect your current financial situation.

When Property Prices in Your Area Rise or Fall

While many homeowners remember to reevaluate their home insurance policy when the value of their home increases, very few remember to do so when the value of their property decreases. When you review your house insurance policy when the value of your home rises, the insurer will compensate you appropriately. Failure to review your home coverage when the property value declines, on the other hand, means you will lose money by paying unreasonably high premiums. 

Every time you Remodel or Renovate

You should reevaluate your house policy whenever you alter or renovate your home. As a result, the improvements and remodeling you have done to your home will be covered by your insurance.

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As a homeowner in Ramseur, you should get home insurance because it is one of the top residential communities in North Carolina. Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC can help you with your home insurance requirements.

Safe driving tips for new drivers

Driving is an essential part of life for many, but it is also a skill that should not be taken lightly. Being a new driver in the Ramseur, NC area can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking, so here are some important safe driving tips from us at Allen Insurance Agency to keep in mind.

Safe driving tips for new drivers

1. Always wear your seatbelt when you get into the car and make sure everyone else does too. This will help protect you in case of an accident. 

2. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order – check the brakes, headlights, and tire pressure regularly. 

3. Avoid distractions while driving such as talking on the phone or eating food. Keep your eyes on the road at all times! 

4. Obey all speed limits and traffic laws to ensure that you don’t put yourself or others at risk. 

5. Give other drivers plenty of space – don’t tailgate or follow too closely behind them. 

6. Plan ahead for any trips; map out a route beforehand so that you know where you’re going and how long it will take to get there safely. 

7. Don’t drive if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs – this can lead to serious accidents and injuries for all involved parties! 

8. Get plenty of practice before hitting the roads alone – make sure you understand the rules of the road and have experience with different types of roads and weather conditions before venturing out on your own. 

Don’t Be Without Auto Insurance

With these tips in mind, new drivers can stay safe on the roads while they gain more experience behind the wheel! You must also ensure your auto insurance policy is updated to best meet your needs. For more safe driving tips and to update your auto insurance policy, give us at Allen Insurance Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Ramseur, NC area.

Why should a business obtain a commercial insurance plan?

In the Ramseur, NC area, there are a lot of great factors that can make it a good place to own a business. If you want to be a business owner here, it is important that you are diligent and protect the organization. One of the ways that this can be done is by investing in the right insurance plan.

There are various reasons why a business owner will want to get a commercial policy:

Financial Protection for Business

A top reason for any business to get a commercial insurance plan is that it is an effective way to receive financial protection. There is always a chance that you could lose assets in a fire or other situation or that you could be found liable for an accident. If you are not insured, this could lead to a serious financial setback. However, when you have a commercial insurance plan, you will have the coverage needed to protect your finances. 

Meet Obligations

It is also a good idea to get a commercial insurance plan so you can meet your obligations. Most businesses will have obligations to carry insurance. If you have taken out a loan, raised outside capital, or signed various other contracts, you will have specific requirements for coverage. When you get a commercial insurance plan, it will ensure you remain supported and stay in good standing. 

Allen Insurance Agency Is Here To Help

It is clear that you need to have a commercial insurance policy when you are in the Ramseur, NC area. When you are looking for coverage, it can be helpful to call our professionals with the Allen Insurance Agency. We know how important it is that you get the right insurance for your company and we can ensure you build a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

Are Home Insurance Claims Public Record?

The short answer is, yes. Your home insurance claims are indeed a public record, not only in Ramseur, NC but nationwide. Our team of insurance experts at Allen Insurance Agency can help you get up to speed with policy transparency for your home.

Generally, only the involved parties may access the complete and updated policyholder’s insurance records. The insurance vendor and policyholder are the involved parties in this scenario. Both parties fall under the protection of the F.A.C.T Act for their right to pull information. When a concerned party wants to access the record, they may request a copy of the policy.

Insurance vendors have no right to disclose details to unrelated parties apart from as prescribed by regulatory bodies.


C.L.U.E. refers to a database that contains past claims filed by policyholders. C.L.U.E. enables insurers to calculate the risk factor when considering customers. Over five years, C.L.U.E. stores details on the customer’s SSN, the address of the property, and additional information on the homeowner’s insurance claims.

As this database holds information that could potentially increase the customer’s premiums, under federal law, the policyholder is allowed to contest data stored there. Thus, the insured party should have access to the C.L.U.E. data storage where applicable. They may also dispute inaccurate or misleading details found in the database.

The policy becomes a public record because it is presentable upon request by prospective buyers. It is, however, important to note that only the policy holder and the insurance vendor can release the C.L.U.E. copy to the realtor or prospective buyer.

C.L.U.E. is mainly useful to:

  • Insurance firms as it helps them identify threats when issuing policies
  • Potential homebuyers as it reveals the extent of damage and level of care applied to the property by previous owners

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To learn more about insurance transparency in Ramseur, NC, do not hesitate to contact Allen Insurance Agency Whether you are looking to buy or curious about your data, we have you covered.

What Is Personal Liability Insurance In Regards to Home Insurance?

One of the important elements of a home insurance policy is the personal liability insurance that the policy provides. At Allen Insurance Agency, serving the greater Ramseur, NC area, we have found that many homeowners have no idea what personal liability insurance is and how important it is in regard to their home insurance policy. Follow along as we provide more information about personal liability insurance. 

What Is Personal Liability Insurance In Regards to Home Insurance?

If someone is injured in your home or on your property, they may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against you. Personal liability insurance helps to cover the costs associated with defending that lawsuit or paying a settlement to the injured party. Essentially, personal liability insurance helps to cover the legal costs and settlement, within the coverage limit you select, ensuring the money does not come out of your pocket or your bank account. 

Why Is Personal Liability Insurance So Important? 

Personal liability insurance is so important as it helps to financially protect you. People file frivolous lawsuits all the time, and these lawsuits can cost a lot to defend against. Also, accidents happen, and if an accident happens on your property, personal liability insurance helps to cover the costs associated with the accident, so you are not financially liable for legal fees and damages that need to be paid due to these accidents. 

Contact Us Today

The right insurance products will cover you and the investment you have made in your home and property. The insurance agents at Allen Insurance Agency, serving the greater Ramseur, NC area, want to help you find the best insurance products for your needs. Give us the opportunity to help you by scheduling an appointment with us today. 

What is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection or PIP is a type of insurance that works within the laws of most states that use a no-fault system. North Carolina is a no-fault state but does not require PIP coverage, a fact that often causes confusion. Allen Insurance Agency is here to provide you with a guide. 

Personal Injury Protection: The Basics

No-fault laws mean that a person is responsible for covering their own expenses for injuries and the replacement or repair of the vehicle. The question of who caused the accident is not pertinent to who pays medical and mechanical expenses in most cases. PIP is a type of insurance that shields a driver from having to pay their own medical costs out of pocket after a collision. 

There are instances where a person can sue the other driver when they are found to be at fault, but this is further complicated in North Carolina by a concept known as partial negligence. Your Allen Insurance Agency representative can go into greater detail about your specific circumstances. 

Ramseur, NC residents are deemed unable to collect damages from the other party when it is determined that they share any responsibility, and this is the case even if found negligent by a tiny degree.

Indemnifications that Ramseur, NC drivers are mandated to purchase are underinsured and uninsured motorist protection in lieu of PIP. You must also purchase liability protection that pays $30,000 in bodily injury per person and $60,000 per collision and $25,000 for property damage.

It is important to determine the coverage you want extending to you in the aftermath of a wreck and to make sure you purchase sufficient coverage in this area. 

Let Us Insure You

Allen Insurance Agency works hard to provide you with insurance policies to fit your situation. Reach out to us by stopping at the office, visiting us online, or calling. We look forward to serving you. 

Commercial Insurance and the Protection Liability Coverage Provides Businesses

Every business is fragile for a variety of reasons. Think about all of the finances, time, and effort it takes to get a business up and running. When it comes to business growth, you want to try and build your business one day at a time. Even if you are running on all cylinders, though, one little accident can change everything. This is where liability insurance comes into play and why it is so critical for every business to carry it. 

Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC is here to provide you with guidance on this vital coverage. 

The Protection of Liability Insurance

Commercial insurance and the protection liability coverage provides are more valuable than almost anything when it comes to your business. One bad accident where you have no coverage can mean all of the difference when it comes to your business. If a customer falls inside your store, or a worker has a bad accident, you may be liable. Liability insurance gives you the protection you need to be able to withstand such an unfortunate event and move forward.

Liability insurance will provide coverage for:

  • Property damage
  • Advertising injury
  • Non-professional negligent acts
  • Personal damage
  • Injury caused by services

Chose Liability Coverage Wisely

Every business will have a threshold of what they are willing to accept when it comes to risk. Some companies will want to take on more risk than others. Some will be super conservative and want liability protection with limits that are very high, so you have no risk of ever facing an immense financial burden. Serving the greater Ramseur, NC community, Allen Insurance Agency can help you better understand the protection of liability insurance and why it is critical to your overall commercial insurance strategy.    

Tips for making your home a safer place

You should feel the safest in the place you call home. Many things go into home safety and most of them don’t really cost a lot to implement. At Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC we get to know our customers so that we can personalize your home insurance coverage. We want to make sure that your assets are safe and so is your major investment. 

Tips for making your home a safer place

Put strong passwords on your internet connection

Having your identity stolen is a major invasion of not only your privacy but of your finances. You don’t want anyone to be able to access your internet and steal your data. Having two-level security is recommended these days. 

Install a home security system

Home security systems are easy to install these days and are very affordable. You can use a doorbell camera with security cameras on the exterior of your home to monitor who is entering your space. 

Motion detector lights

Having strategically placed motion detector lights on the exterior of your home can be a deterrent to anyone who comes onto your property. 

Smart door locks

These days, you are able to lock your doors no matter where you are, by using your smartphone. It is simple and effective and does make your home safer. 

Lock your windows

While most people always lock their doors, windows are often overlooked. Make sure all of your windows are locked and a security bar is in place on a slider. 

Get rid of hiding places

Don’t have any places to hide anywhere near your house. Keep shrubs low and avoid large bushes. Make sure the garage and any sheds in your yard are always locked.

Get Insurance Coverage For Your Home Today

Contact our team of professionals at Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC to get your current home insurance reviewed or to discuss what type of home insurance is right for you. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

You need to have auto insurance to drive in the state of North Carolina. You don’t just need insurance, you need the right auto insurance. At Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC, we are locally owned and provide our customers with the personalized service they deserve. We know our customers and we recognize that all of them are individuals with different needs.  

Auto Insurance FAQs

Can more than one vehicle be on the same policy?

Yes, they can. Some companies do have a limit for the policy, but that would usually be more than one or two or even three. 

Do all drivers in your home need to be listed on the policy?

Yes, probably. Every carrier is a little different about who to list, but make sure that if someone moves in or out, you keep your insurance agent up to date. If your teen gets their license, tell the insurance company, you don’t want an ugly surprise if they have an accident. 

If you drive your friend’s car, whose insurance covers you?

Auto insurance covers the vehicle, not the driver, so if you are driving your friend’s vehicle with their permission, their insurance will cover in the event that you have an accident. 

What happens if you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist?

In North Carolina, uninsured motorist insurance is mandatory, so it will be a part of your auto insurance. It will cover for injuries caused by the uninsured driver and it will also pay for repairs to your vehicle. 

Is your car covered for a hit and run?

Your vehicle is covered for a hit and run under your uninsured motorist coverage, so you will be able to get your car repaired or replaced. 

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Contact Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC when you need auto insurance and want a personal touch. 

How Long Does It Take For Commercial Insurance To Pay Out A Claim?

Commercial insurance is something that every business should have. This type of insurance protects your business in the event that something happens and you need to file a claim. It’s important to know how long it takes for commercial insurance to pay out a claim, so you can be prepared in the event of an emergency. Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC can help you navigate this important coverage.

How Long It Takes for Commercial Insurance to Pay Out a Claim

Typically, it takes 30 days, but it varies greatly depending on the type of claim you’re filing. For this reason, it’s vital to partner with a professional insurer in Ramseur NC, one like Allen Insurance Agency.

Property Damage Claim

Most insurance companies will send out an adjuster for property damage claims within a few days of the claim being filed. The adjuster will assess the damage and determine the cost of repairs. Once the insurance company has this information, they will issue a check to the policyholder. Be sure to keep all receipts and records of repair costs. Once repairs are completed, the insurance company will reimburse you for the cost.

Liability Claims

For liability claims, the process is a bit different. The insurance company will investigate the claim to determine who is at fault. This can take weeks or even months. Once the insurance company has made a determination, they will begin working on a settlement with the other party. If you have been injured in the accident, you will need to submit medical bills and records to the insurance company. Once a settlement has been reached, you will receive a check for your portion of the damages.

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The claims process can be confusing and frustrating, but Allen Insurance Agency in Ramseur, NC is here to help. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today to learn more about our service.


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